Stoning a woman - execution in Iran
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Stoning of women in Iran

This is video demonstrates what happens during a execution by stoning.  Stoning is practiced in Islamic culture in order to maintain fear and submission of the women. In the video, they wrap the victim in cloth dress, dig a hole and put the woman to be stoned into the hole with half her body above ground. Later, everyone throws mid sized stones at the victim till she is dead.

It is important that the stones be the right size, too small and not enough pain is inflicted and too large may actually kill the person before they are well tortured. Stoning is a punishment that is reserved for crimes of “morality” such as adultery. I assume these same people see no “moral” issue with killing.

For those doing the stoning, it is a social event that becomes more of a religious sport than a true act of moral self-righteousness.  The footage taken in Iran illustrates a party like atmosphere of those carrying out the execution. It is reminiscent of the family picnics at the old Wild West hangings or the popularity of people watching the slaughter of gladiators in early Rome.

Here as an example of a crime punishable by stoning: 2001-OCT: Nigeria: Safiya Hussaini Tungar-Tudu, a 30-year-old pregnant woman, had asked a Sharia court in Sokoto state to force a man that she alleged had raped her, to pay for her daughter’s naming ceremony. The court refused, and then charged her with engaging in sexual intercourse outside of marriage. She was sentenced to be stoned to death. The man that she allegedly had sex with was freed by the court for lack of evidence. She successfully appealed the conviction.

Here is another, I am a bit confused at the adultery charge since the woman was not married.

2000-FEB: United Arab Emirates: Kartini binti Karim, (a.k.a. Ms. Karteen Karikanderan), an unmarried citizen of Indonesia, was working as a housemaid in the United Arab Emirates when her pregnancy was detected. She and a man — a citizen of India — were charged with adultery. She was convicted; he fled the country before he could be arrested. She was placed on trial without a lawyer or a translator, “…alone and equipped with barely any word of the local language,” . She was not told that she had a right to communicate with her embassy. Her embassy was not informed in advance of the trial. Under the UAE’s form of Sharia, she was sentenced to death by stoning. The Indonesian government hired a lawyer and translator to appeal her case.

A public spectacle, the crowd comes out in masses to be witness and entertained by the suffering of a helpless victim. I guess even in modern times nothing pleases the sick masses more that a good public execution and blood.

Click this link to watch the stoning execution video

stoning a muslim woman execution

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brigid on September 17th, 2010 at 11:39 am #

i wonder do they know what awaits them when its their turn to face the highest judge off all, this needs to stop now , there has to be evil in a person to even think of throwing one stone,…. may she rest in peace

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